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Learn Quran Online For Adults under the supervision of Qualified Arabic Quran Tutors. 

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Online Quran Course For Adults

The Quran is a mandatory subject to learn for all Muslims, especially adults. It not only paves the path of righteousness but also directs the youth on how to lead a life according to the guidelines of Allah and the Prophet(PBUH).

Join our Quran classes for Adults that are featured-wrapped from all perspectives. Besides covering the syllabus we focus on personality development and character building. Our eminent Quran tutors are well-trained to conduct classes for adults with the clear vision and mission of bringing change to each student by teaching the Quran.

Learning Objectives of Adults Quran Lessons

All the Quran courses are designed with some educational objectives to be achieved during the course time. These objectives are:

  • Enabling beginner adults to read and recite Quran beautifully and confidently.
  • Making them understand, apply, and practice all Tajweed rules (basic to advanced).
  • Letting them memorize Quran with amazing techniques that foster retention span.
  • Enhancing their time-management skills with different durations of Quran courses.
  • Developing strong bonds between students and Quran through Tarbiyah sessions of each course.
  • Enabling adults to understand the meaning and context of each Surah in Tafseer classes.

Personalized Quran Courses For Adults

Best Quran Classes offer you a wide range of Quranic programs to choose from. Adults can choose the course according to their level; 

  • basic
  • elementary
  • intermediate
  • advanced 

Adults who are beginners should choose a beginners course and those who want to memorize will choose a hifz program. 


Noorani Qaida Course 


This is our top-rated course for beginners who intend to learn Quran reading. The book Noorani Qaida is a compact package that makes you a good Qiran reader by explaining some of the Arabic language rules efficiently.


Quran Tajweed Course 


Learn Quran Tajweed (basic to advanced) to recite Quran flawlessly like natives. This course helps you learn the rules in easy stages. The split of rules into levels makes the whole course super smooth and easy to complete.


Hifz Al-Quran Program 


Memorizing the Quran or any of its portions through this course offers easy and convenient scheduling. Our huffaz tutors will apply effective hifz methods to assist you to retain the verses for a long time.


Online Arabic Classes 

Arabic being the most common language in the world now, must be learned by adults for so many obvious reasons. This course uses many supporting materials like animations, flashcards, and activities to help you study Arabic easily

Amazing Features of Our Classes

1. 24/7 Reachability

Adults can access all the Quran courses at their convenient time. Whether you are a student, a job holder, or busy with any other chore, schedule your lessons on weekdays or weekends whenever you can easily attend lectures.

3. Progress Tracker

We provide a progress tracker of each course that makes it easy for students to manage their time and pace efficiently and work on their errors to bring perfection to their learning.

2. Quiz Accounts

No other platform offer such a facility where students are allotted a quiz account that has more than 500 subject-baaed quizzes, riddles, and puzzles to solve and get flawless in the relevant topic. 

4. Evaluation and Reporting

Our teachers thoroughly evaluate all the classes and prepare a report  sheet by filling in the columns and giving a detailed overview of the student’s current standings. The report card is generated weekly and adults are kept up to date about their errors and weak areas, and tips are also given to bring improvement.

6. Male and Female Tutors

Our female adult students can learn Quran online from our female Quran tutors who are equally trained and qualified as our male tutors. 

6. Parental Involvement

Quran learning can not be done only on the part of the classes. Parental involvement is mandatory to achieve better results. We keep parents updated through a portal account where they can track their daily progress easily. A weekly meeting is also held online to talk about the ongoing routine of the kids.

7. Structured Courses

The Quran courses are very well structured and organized to keep confusion and hassle away from students. All the classes of each course are organized according to the duration of the class, the number of classes per week, and the content of the syllabus intended to learn.

Qualified Tutors For Quran Classes for Adults

The success of the courses and the fame of this forum is due to the premium team of instructors we have employed for all the Quran courses. Our tutors are: 

  • Native Arab and Egyptians with amazing Quran recitation and Tajweed.
  • Fluent in Arabic, English, and Urdu.
  • Communicate confidently with students from all over the world.
  • Are Ijazah qualified and superb in Quran teaching.
  • Have years of experience in teaching the Quran to adults online.
  • Devote much of their time to students and devise unique teaching strategies for them.
  • Have maintained amazing rapport online with 100% positive feedback from students.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- How can adults learn the Quran?

Adults can learn Quran by rolling in any of the courses offered for beginners. Then gradually they can keep moving on to the next courses.

2- At what age should you learn the Quran?

There is no specific age to start learning Quran. Adults can learn Quran whenever they realize they should.

3- What are the benefits of learning the Quran as an adult?

Quran shapes the mind and grooms the personality Islamically. It guides you to the right path and saves you from wrongdoings. It opens the gates of Jannah for you and your parents.

4- Do I need to have prior knowledge of Arabic to learn the Quran?

If you have some great prior knowledge, if not, we will start teaching from scratch and make a base of Arabic and advance skillfully.

5- How much time do I need to devote to learning the Quran?

As much as you can. This is not an ordinary book that we can open seldom. We, as adults need to spare more time than usual to understand the words of Allah.

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