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Learn Quran Online For Beginners under the supervision of Qualified Arabic Quran Tutors. 

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Online Quran Course For Beginners

Beginners often find it hard to start learning Quran from the basics and get confused about where and how to begin. Many online platforms will suggest you different tips and shortcuts but be mindful that Quran learning is a necessity, not a trend, you need to allocate a good amount of time to understand it and there is no shortcut to it. 

We at Best Quran Classes offer a very comprehensive course of Quran classes for beginners that intends to teach you everything essential in the beginning. Concisely, you need to learn the foundation of the Arabic language to fluently read the Quran. Our classes are fully-featured and conducted by eminent and experienced tutors who know very well how to engage and involve students in the lessons.

We offer a wide range of courses for Quran and Arabic that you can choose from. Kids are kept engaged and involved in their lessons and they love to learn Quran with interest. The activities for all the courses are exceptionally designed for kids to keep them motivated and interested in their lessons.

Prerequisite For Quran Courses For Beginners

Beginners who know nothing about Tajweed and Makharij are recommended to take our Quran classes for beginners initially to have some prior knowledge before stepping into any other Quran course.

  • There is no age restriction for the beginner’s course, all you have to do is to spare the best time of the day to easily grasp the rules with a fresh and focused mind.
  • Practice and revision are other requirements for this course. Beginners are supposed to advance steadily with a proper strategy and deal with the course systematically.

Levels Of Quran Lessons

This course for beginners has several small levels to reach the main goal gradually, without getting overburdened. These levels are split up according to the curriculum of the course.

The main 3 levels are easily achievable for beginners by learning and practicing basic-to-advanced rules.


Level: 1-  Startup Stage

In the beginning, you will be exposed to the new language through the letters it has. You will learn how to pronounce them and practice well for accuracy.


Level: 2-  Advancing Stage

After learning the letters properly with good revisions, you will be tested for your articulation points. If passed, you will qualify for this level where you will gradually advance and learn some easy rules like:

  • Fatha, damma, kasrah, elongation of letters, stress on letters, echo letters, etc
  • Rules of Saakin and Tanween
  • Rules of Madda
  • Rules of qalqalah
  • More Rules of Meem and noon saakin

Level: 3-  Pro Stage

This stage is the advanced level where you can qualify after passing the first 2 stages with accuracy. The complex rules will be taught here and you will become a Quran reader easily. The more you practice, the better your Arabic accent. So, we suggest paying extra attention and giving extra time to this level.

Features Of Kids' Quran Classes

1. 24/7 reachability with Weekend Classes.

You can access us at any time throughout the days of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays. Our customer service support is available 24/7. We cater to students from all countries according to their timings.

3. The quiz accounts for revisions.

We give an online quiz account to our students to revise their lessons. There are more than 500 quizzes in-built into the account to be solved. The more you solve, the better your practice will be.

3. Mind mapping of each lesson Including Activities.

Lesson Preparation beforehand is mandatory here! Our tutors are well-equipped with a variety of activities planned for each lesson. Mind mapping for topics is helpful to provide all relevant details by covering a broader perspective.

4. Affordable pricing & Certificates.
  • Unlock these premium features at an affordable price and no hidden charges are imposed for activities, tests, and certificates. All the students will be certified with the course they have completed with us. Whether it’s a long the or a time

5. Weekly reporting and Online Meetings.

Get a weekly or biweekly report of your performance to track your progress and to work on the weak areas. This is a multi-task report that carries all the tips and suggestions for improvement.

6. Structured and Customized lessons.

That is what we excel in, the structured and customized curriculum makes the course formal and systematically arranged. You will get a road map of what you will be learning daily, weekly, and monthly.

7. Tests & Evaluations

All the courses have tests and evaluations that ensure accurate and effective learning. Evaluations are done to check which topics need more explanation so that a revision session is conducted for that.

What Will You Learn?

The course book selected to assist you is Noorani Qaida and Noor Al-Bayan. Both books are known for their content which is skillfully arranged for beginners to learn the basics step by step.

You will learn:


  • The alphabet of the Arabic language.
  • The correct articulation points of the alphabet.
  • Joining the alphabet to make words and then sentences.
  • Rules regarding the letter reading.
  • Reading verses from the Quran.
  • Finally, smooth Quran reading.

Qualified Quran Tutors For Beginners

To conduct our basic Qaida course for beginners, we have hired highly experienced and trained Arab tutors who are:


  • Native Egyptians
  • Ijazah certified
  • Fluent in English
  • Creative and proactive
  • Huffaz
  • Teaching virtually for years
  • Adept at tech-based teaching methods

Not only males but female Quran tutors are equally qualified and sisters enjoy learning Qaida from them.


These tutors make lesson plans and mind maps before commencing the lesson and use 3D versions of pictures to explain and review all the articulation points.

Their skillful planning and strategies are the reason beginners easily learn the Qaida and start reading the Quran smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Do you offer weekend classes for beginners?

Yes, beginners can attend Noorani Qaida classes on weekends as well. It depends on your schedule. We are available on all days.

2- Can I change my tutor during the course?

If due for any reason you are not satisfied, give us your feedback and we will arrange a new teacher for you. 

3- Do you teach any book other than Noorani Qaida?

Yes, the other best books for beginners are Noor al-Bayan and Yassarnal Quran. Both have the same content with slight variations in sequence.

4- How can beginners learn to read Quran fast?

Beginners need to stay motivated and dedicate a good amount of time to learning the basics. You need a proper schedule, a qualified teacher, and a tracker for your progress.

Are the Quranic Institutions far away?

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