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Online Quran Course For kids

Kids are the real asset of our society and we as parents need to invest in their proper Islamic and accurate upbringing where they are not forced to choose what is right, but rather know the fine line and distinction between right and wrong. Connecting kids to the Quran is the only way to make them morally and spiritually conscious of their deeds. We at Best Quran Classes provide you with an amazing chance and opportunity to pave the path of Quran learning for your kids.

We offer a wide range of courses for Quran and Arabic that you can choose from. Kids are kept engaged and involved in their lessons and they love to learn Quran with interest. The activities for all the courses are exceptionally designed for kids to keep them motivated and interested in their lessons.

Proficient Quran Tutors for Kids

The teachers employed for kids’ courses are all very well-educated both in Quranic and contemporary studies.  They know very well how to engage kids in online classes and channelize their energies positively. The tutors hired for hifz courses are native Egyptian Huffaz who have memorized Quran in a short span and have retained it very well with continuous revisions. 

Our instructors can speak Arabic, English, and Urdu fluently and can communicate with students from all zones. Their Ijazah certification is a plus point for us to hire them as it ensures premium quality teaching.Best Quran Classes provides you the facility to hire both male and female tutors for your kids.

Personalized Quran Courses for Children

We have several personalized Quran courses for your kids. Select from the list to get started. 


Quran For Beginners Course 

The beginner’s course is both for kids and adults who are going to start learning Quran from the very basics. It aims to teach the reading of the Quran easily without taking pauses. The book selected for this course is Noorani Qaida which is famous for beginners.


Tajweed Course For Kids 

Tajweed is very essential for everyone and if learned from childhood, it will become as natural as Arabs have. Our Tajweed course for kids is one in a kind and has different levels to achieve the goals easily. The rules are divided into stages and kids are taught through activities, quizzes, games, and animations.


Quran Memorization for Kids 

An amazing course that makes your kids hafiz in an efficient way. The strategies of hifz vary from student to student. Your kids’ teacher will see which strategy works better for your little one. Hifz lessons are perfected through revisions and quizzes. 


Kids’ Islamic Studies Classes 

Islamic studies courses are designed to teach about Islam. Most kids take this course during their vacation to utilize their time effectively. The learning goals are so interesting and catchy that kids love to learn about Islam.


Online Arabic Classes For Children 

If you wish your kids to be fluent in their spoken Arabic and love the mother tongue of prophets, then this is the course for you. It aims at making your children read, speak, and write the Quranic and modern Arabic easily.

Features Of Kids' Quran Classes

1. Child-friendly environment

Bearing this fact in mind that children are prone to chit-chats, jokes, light-mood, happy talks, and leniency, so, our teachers put in the utmost effort to keep the environment of the class child-friendly. 

They do not force or scold kids for attentiveness in the lesson, rather the environment is so positive and lovely that all the kids enjoy learning Quran.

2. Fun-filled lessons

Whether your kids are attending hifz, tajweed, or reading classes, all the lessons are fun-oriented and the objectives are easily achieved. The activities prepared for all the classes are very interesting and the majority of the syllabus is covered like this.

3. Interactive learning

Kids are encouraged to interact and question frequently. The group classes are really interactive as all the participants are allowed to have a study-based dialogue. This type of learning boosts confidence and promotes a healthy environment.

4. Individual attention
  • Do not worry about the attention and concentration at all. Our teachers pay individual attention and make sure no one is left behind. In all the Quran courses offered by Best Quran Classes, we pay additional attention to the hesitant and introverted kids so that we know what they are grasping.

5. Convenient Quran schedule

Get a schedule that is easy for your kids to follow along with their contemporary studies. We recommend opting for the time when your children are fresh, focused, and willing to join the session. We are available all the time.

6. Parental Involvement

Quran learning can not be done only on the part of the classes. Parental involvement is mandatory to achieve better results. We keep parents updated through a portal account where they can track their daily progress easily. A weekly meeting is also held online to talk about the ongoing routine of the kids.

7. Age-appropriate content

All the courses’ content is kept age appropriate to meet the learning outcomes efficiently. The course’s content is predefined and separated according to the age groups of the kids.

Educational outcomes of Kids Quran classes

Some clear and practical outcomes are chalked out before commencing each course. These educational outcomes are derived from the objectives planned.

  • To make kids proficient in Quran reading through technology-based activities.
  • To enable them to read Quran efficiently and with confidence.
  • To help them recite Quran in a mesmerizing voice through Tajweed and the recitation course.
  • To make them proficient in the application of Tajweed rules, the same as Natives.
  • To help them memorize Quran most beautifully to retain it forever without feeling burdened.
  • Making their hifz accurate with Tajweed.
  • Enabling them to understand the translation and mini Tafseer of Surahs added in the courses.
  • Motivating them to build a strong connection with the book of Allah.
  • Shaping their personalities Islamically

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Do you offer group classes for kids?

Yes, we have an option of group classes where the kids of the same age are grouped and the number of participants is kept low.

2- Are your teachers experienced?

Yes, our teachers have more than 6 years of online Quran teaching experience and have maintained a good rapport.

3- Is there any age limit for your Quran courses for kids?

No, there is no age limit for the courses as we have designed the programs according to the age levels. Kids from 5 to 15 can enroll in any of the courses.

4- From which age should my kids start learning Quran?

In love and engage your kids in Quran learning as early as 3 years because kids have a magical power to observe and learn everything.

5- Do you offer weekend classes for kids?

Yes, we have an option of weekend classes for kids too. If you think weekdays are super busy in schools, schedule their Quran classes on weekends.

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