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Learn Quran Online For Sisters under the supervision of Qualified Arabic Quran Tutors. 

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Online Quran Course For Sisters

Embarking on the journey of online Quran learning one should be grateful for this opportunity where you don’t have to waste extra time on driving to the nearby institute. Besides other advantages, one of the top-notch advantages of online Quran classes is the convenience and flexibility of learning from home. 

For all the sisters out there, we at Best Quran Classes have brought an exceptional opportunity to comprehend the book of Allah with the assistance and guidance of highly-qualified Arab Quran Female teachers adept at online teaching.

Our classes are packed with various attractive features arranged and provided for sisters to enjoy learning the Quran conveniently at the ease of their homes.

We offer a wide range of courses for Quran and Arabic that you can choose from. Kids are kept engaged and involved in their lessons and they love to learn Quran with interest. The activities for all the courses are exceptionally designed for kids to keep them motivated and interested in their lessons.

Certified Quran Tutors for Sisters

Our teachers are the real strength who facilitate the ladies from all around the globe and teach them Quran most efficiently and effectively. They are:


  • Female Egyptian Arab Huffaz with phenomenal grip on Tajweed.
  • Communicate in English, Urdu, and Arabic to teach students from different countries.
  • Certified with the top Quranic degree called IJAZAH, that make them superior than other teachers. 
  • Graduated from Islamic Institutions and have in-depth Quranic knowledge.
  • Having sound online teaching experience of different students from various countries and have gained A+ reviews.
  • Creative and proactive to devise new teaching tricks that are less time-consuming and effective for virtual classes.

Personalized Quran Courses for Sisters

Noorani Qaida Classes

This program is for sisters who want to learn to read Quran from the basics. They will be taught in a step-by-step approach to help them understand the foundation of Quranic Arabic and its rules easily.


Quran Recitation Course 

This course is amazingly designed to teach you any of the 10 authentic recitations that will help you recite the Quran in an exceptionally amazing way. The tips and techniques will make you develop your tone and enhance your Tajweed application completely.


Tajweed Course For Sisters 

Sisters of Non-Arab origin find it difficult to read and recite Quran line natives because of their impoverished tajweed. That is why we have designed this Tajweed Program to facilitate as many females as possible. Learn the basic and advanced Tajweed rules in this course with a customized plan of your choice.


Quran Memorization for Ladies 

This is another beneficial course for ladies to memorize the Quran or any of its portions with female huffaz tutors at the ease of home. This program has different levels for students enrolled to make the targets efficiently accomplished.


Quran Tafseer Course 

We have taken on board the best native Sunni scholars, both male and female who will teach you the Tafseer of the Quran with a special focus on character building (tarbiyah) which will help sisters groom their kids Islamically

Salient Features Of Our Classes

1. Our Teaching Strategies

Teachers make everything happen phenomenally in online Quran classes through unique methods. We have female Qualified instructors for our sisters who will devise and apply several strategies at a time. For example, our technique of teaching tajweed is very unique as we show animations and 3D versions of pictures to clear the confusion regarding same-sounding letters. 

3. Interactive and Activity-based Classes

The book consultation or directive teaching approach is not supported by our forum. We encourage interactive and activity-based classes. Sisters’ confidence is uplifted to communicate and involve in single or group activities. 

2. Mind Mapping Before Lessons

No class is initiated without proper planning. Our tutors are very well prepared for the lesson as they make mind maps, for example, quotations, strategies, riddles, and questions to be asked. 

These mind maps are the key factor in excellent lesson delivery. Whether it is Qaida, hifz, Tajweed, or recitation class, the mind maps and beforehand preps help all the teachers to achieve their learning objectives easily in time.

4. Quizzes Account for Sisters
  • Females will be assigned a quiz account where they have to log in to solve as many puzzles, riddles, objective tests, and quizzes based on all the Quranic categories. These accounts are allotted from the forum’s head and can be ceased by him only. You can review your hifz portion, tajweed rules, Tafseer, and Arabic grammar rules on this account by solving more than 500 quizzes pre-saved in the account.

5. Tests and competitions

That is the crucial thing that enhances your Quranic learning. We take tests after each lesson which are simple, quick, and content based. Then, weekly and monthly tests are scheduled to help sisters revise the lessons passionately. We also arrange intra-school Quran competitions for reading, recitation, hifz, Arabic, etc.

6. Evaluation and Reporting

You will receive a report every 2 weeks that is marked with the whole week’s performance in detail. The teacher will, directly and indirectly, assess you and then make a report pertaining to mistakes and discuss the whole report with you or your parents. 

7. Quran Certificates

On completion of any of the sisters’ programs, they will be certified with a certificate that is signed and approved by the supervisors. These certificates are even allotted for memorizing a single surah or learning any Tajweed rule with tests.

Get A Customised and Structured Plan For Quran lessons.

Best Quran Classes not only rely on conventional Quran classes spirit. We have given full authority to our users to select portions from the whole syllabus that they want to study. You can obtain a customized schedule for any of the Quran courses according to your necessity, availability, and capacity. We believe in slow and quality learning rather than entire and inadequate learning. 

All of our Quran programs are very well-articulated and skillfully structured to make each step thoroughly coherent and smoothly achievable. Get enrolled to check out the well-planned curriculum with an explicit roadmap of what and how to learn.

Learning Objectives of This Course

We have listed some clear and reachable objectives for the sisters’ course which we intend to achieve before the course time ends.


  • Enabling the grip on basic Arabic understanding through Noorani Qaida. It will let you get your hands on the smooth Quran reading.
  • Understanding and applying Tajweed rules correctly while reading, reciting, and memorizing Quran.
  • Teaching and enhancing proper recitation of the Quran to help avoid any errors and improve the Qira’a through recitation courses for sisters.
  • Making sisters confident in Quran reading and recitation like a pro-Qaria.
  • Developing the ability to memorize and retain verses of the Quran forever through easy hifz techniques in the memorization Course.
  • Comprehending the meaning through word-by-word translation and detailed summary of each surah.
  • Learning Arabic to enhance verbal, written, and Quranic texts easily.
  • Inculcating the sense of Responsibility in Sisters to focus on their kids’ Islamic upbringing and Quranic knowledge after attending our Quran classes.


We are focused and committed to providing the easiest way to learn Quran online for sisters who find ways to manage their tasks along with Quranic learning. Wait no more and grab a slot for your free trial of Quran lesson. Enroll, get assessed and design a learning plan to start your course right away. Let’s learn Quran and broaden our visions together.

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