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Get Sunni Online Quran Classes under the supervision of Qualified Arabic Quran Tutors. 

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Online Sunni Quran Course

Online Quran classes are getting popular everywhere and people are taking advantage of this opportunity. But the question is:

Are all the Quran classes reliable as per the sect and belief? Are they copiously following only Quran and Sunnah or have invented their teachings and are progressing towards Bida’a (innovations in Quranic teachings with the intention of reward)? Are they Sunni or Shia?

To answer these complex questions, and direct our brothers and sisters toward correct belief, we begun this course of the best online Sunni Quran Classes. 

No need to get perplexed about religion anymore. Learn what Allah says in the Quran and what the Prophet SAWW says in Hadiths. That is all you need to know.

Qualified Sunni Male & Female Tutors

The teachers hired for Sunni Quran classes are interviewed and investigated for their educational background and religious bent. Their profiles are available for users for their satisfaction. The following traits are highly appreciated and considered for these Classes.

  • Native Egyptians with clear Arabic and English accents.
  • 5+ years of online teaching experience for both kids and adults.
  • Must be Huffaz and Ijazah certified for excellence in teaching career.
  • Flexible in teaching with innovative techniques.
  • Creative and proficient in the explanation of rules.
  • Able to critically evaluate each student to harness their progress and improve their weak areas.

We at Best Quran Classes facilitate you to hire either male or female teachers for your convenient study. So, join without delay and take advantage of learning the Quran from the top-rated online Egyptian tutors that were impossible in any physical institute in your country.

Personalized Sunni Quran Courses For Students

In online Sunni Quran classes, we offer a wide range of courses to meet the need of our users. Whether you want to learn Quran, Arabic, or Islamic Studies, every single category is catered to here. The following courses are available for beginners, kids, adults, and sisters to choose from.

Noorani Qaida / Noor El Bayan/ Yassarnal Quran Course

These three highly recommended and result-oriented books are short-listed for beginners who want to step into Quran learning. We have taken rules from these books and the whole content is covered skillfully at the time of your choice. Get a personalized Qaida plan to start learning the basics.


Quran Memorization Classes


Hifz Quran online from our certified Egyptian Huffaz tutors to excel in Tajweed, recitation, and retention of verses. Either memorize the whole Quran or select the portion you intend to learn, we will design a tailored plan for you according to your availability and learning pace. No need to worry about the length of the course as it is up to you how quickly you want to finish.


Online Tajweed Program (beginners to Advanced Level)


Our Sunni Quran classes are incomplete without Tajweed. This course holds importance for non-Arab students who want to learn the rules of reciting the Quran as native Arabs do. You can enroll in the category you belong to. Our tutor will assess your prior knowledge and suggest the level. Start polishing your recitation with accurate makharij learned in this course.


Quran Tafsir Course


Tafsir is really important to be understood if you want to know what the Quran holds. We teach the tafsir of Sunni scholars and our teachers are adept at guiding you through everything in great detail. Some of the credible tafsir we refer to are:

  • Tafsir Ibn Abbas
  • Tafsir Ibn Kathir
  • Tafheem Ul Quran

Fiqh Classes for Men and Women


After Tafsir, we recommend taking our Sunni fiqh classes to be more knowledgeable and to dig deep into the explanations. Fiqh classes for men and women are conducted separately and you can easily talk about any issue that needs reference through fiqh books. The books of all 4 Imams (Hanbali, Shaafi, Maliki, and Hanafi) are available for Fiqh courses.


Quranic Grammar Course


Learn all the basic and advanced grammar rules required to understand the meaning and translation of the Quran. Learn about the subject, object, nouns, verbs, tenses, and much more in great detail in this course. Understand the Quran in Arabic easily through this course.

Features of the Sunni Quran Classes

1- 7 days classes with bloc lessons facility

You can schedule your Quran classes a whole week long with a facility of double lessons any time, any day. We are active on weekends as well so do not waste the chance of attending classes on Saturdays and Sundays too. Our services are available 24/7 and we reply through our website, Whatsapp, and emails as soon as the query comes.

They do not force or scold kids for attentiveness in the lesson, rather the environment is so positive and lovely that all the kids enjoy learning Quran.

3- Structured Curriculum For Each Course

All the Sunni Quran courses are structured skillfully. The curriculum beak down, the test schedules, the revision sessions, the results, and the meetings, everything is chalked out beforehand to give you a clear picture of the course. The time duration and completion date are also analyzed so that you stay motivated throughout the course.

2- Affordable Pricing and Discounts

As compared to our competitors, we have kept the hourly rates low so that you can enjoy Quran learning without any financial issues. Also, get discounts on family packages and more than 10 hours of classes per month.

4- Mind-Mapping and Activities

Our tutors plan every lesson before beginning the class. They use mind-mapping techniques to keep all the aspects and expected questions in mind. This technique helps in delivering every minute detail of the topic efficiently. Activities are also planned according to the time available. No hassle is triggered at the end of the lesson as the expected activity time is considered before the class.

5- One-on-One & Group Classes

Either attend one on one or a group class with your family or friends. We offer both for males and females. Discuss anything with the teacher as we encourage questioning and interacting sessions. The groups are formed according to the time slots and ages of the learners.

6- Quran Tests and Certificates

Each of the Quran courses has weekly and monthly tests to keep a check on the learning pace, understanding, and improvement of the students. You will get a certificate at the end of the course. Our certificates are signed by the supervisor and the teacher of the course.

7- weekly reports and Meetings

To track your progress and bring the desired improvement in the required areas, we generate a report card weekly to inform the parents of the kids and the adult students about their current standing.

The planner for the next week is also shared in the report card to give you an idea about the syllabus to be covered.

Educational Outcomes Of Our Sunni Quean Course

We believe that no educational system can progress and be successful without having clear outcomes and objectives in mind. If there is no target to achieve, no progress or determination will be seen. The following outcomes are achieved from our Sunni online Quran classes. 


  • Using technology for advanced Tajweed rules explanation and practice.
  • Helping individuals memorize the Quran through different learning techniques.
  • Providing a motivational environment for beginners to carry on with Quran learning.
  • Discussing every aspect of Tafsir without any compromise on Sect and belief.
  • Developing and inculcating the love for Quran through various courses.
  • Intending to bring a positive change in personalities after hifz and Tafsir courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Is it necessary to know about the correct Sect to follow?

Yes, it is mandatory to know the correct sect; Sunnism so that the youth and kids are not misguided in the name of religion.

2- Why are there differences in Sects when the Quran is the same for all?

Yes, our teachers have more than 6 years of online Quran teaching experience and have maintained a good rapport.

3- How long does it take to finish Quran learning?

It depends on your Quran plan, your availability for the classes, your each class duration, and your learning speed and pace. We have different plans for hifz, Tajweed, Tafsir, and Qaida classes.

4- Is the Sunni teacher available for Hifz and Tafseer Courses?

Yes, all our teachers are Sunni and they are professionally trained to teach Tafsir. They are Huffaz and help their students hifz Quran efficiently in less time.

5- Do you reschedule a class if I missed?

Yes, we let you schedule it again when you are available. We do not suggest skipping lessons without solid reasons.

Are the Quranic Institutions far away?

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