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Learning objectives of Online Quran classes

Our online Quran classes are conducted with proper planning by chalking out the learning objectives of each course. The objectives vary for kids and adults.

  • Understanding the basics of Quran Reading.
  • Learning different recitations of the Quran accurately. 
  • Mastering the rules of Tajweed with a special focus on intonation and articulation points.
  • Memorizing Quran with the easiest and most efficient techniques.
  • Understanding the meaning (translation and Tafseer) of the context.
  • Developing a deeper bond with Allah and Quran.
  • Getting proficient in the Arabic language.

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Customised Structured Plan For Online Quran lessons

All the Quran courses are championed in an organized way. The structure of the classes is pre-defined according to the time frame of the course, the duration of the lessons, and the number of classes to be attended per week. We generate a road map of the syllabus of each Quran course to give a clear picture to our users. This roadmap typically includes 

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly Goal setting
  • Creating a study schedule
  • Regular revisions 
  • Evaluation and progress tracking

Qualified and Certified Tutors for Quran Classes

The strength of our forum lies in the qualification, dedication, and strong commitment level of our tutors who are native Arabs and qualified from reputed Islamic Universities. They are certified with the highest known degree Ijazah and possess the following traits

  • Strong command of the Arabic language
  • In-depth knowledge of the Quran
  • Strong communication skills (both in Arabic and English)
  • Sound teaching experience
  • Appealing personality, patient, and empathetic

Our Courses

To cover all the content regarding the Quran, we have designed numerous courses to cater to our user’s requirements.

Quran reading course

This course is designed for all beginners, males, and females who will learn the basics of Reading Arabic. The world-famous course book Noorani Qaida and Noor Al-Bayan are taught through multi-tech activities.

Quran Recitation course

This course aims at making learners proficient in Quran recitation with proper tajweed and makharij. There are 10 authentic recitations that you can learn and our qualified tutors are adept at teaching all of them efficiently. Recitation practices are done daily through audio to enhance the learning experience.

Hifz Quran Online

Another amazing course is for Quran memorization where kids and adults can get benefitted from native Arab huffaz tutors who excel in altering strategies to facilitate students. The Quran Hifz course is backed up with oral tests and quizzes to make the memorized portion error-free.

How do our Quran classes works?

To give a detailed overview to beginners, we have generated a few points to elaborate on how our Quran classes work.

  • An introduction to the topic is given
  • Quran recitation and duas before commencing the lesson
  • Driving out the prior knowledge from students
  • Explaining the learning objectives
  • Conducting the lesson with activities required
  • Wrapping-up session and revision
  • Q/A time

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Why Hire us?

We have evolved our classes by working from all dimensions to consider every single aspect from users’ points of view. Catering to the maximum number of Brothers and sisters is what we aim at. 

1. Our Teaching Strategies

The method of conducting the class is what we focus on. The 3 points considered in this regard are:

  • Planning and Preparation

Each lesson is planned, mind-mapped, discussed, and pre-supported with the required material aid. Whether it’s an Arabic, hifz, Tafseer, or reading class, the instructor is well prepared to conduct the class.

  • Teaching and Deliverance

Teaching strategies are pre-planned for each lesson and altered where required. The tutors are creative and proactive enough to devise a new strategy where the old ones do not produce the desired results.

  • Evaluation and Reflection

After each lesson, the teacher enlists the details of each student’s performance in their reports and reflects on his/her teaching method to improve if required. This evaluation helps keep an eye on the progress.

2. Activity-based Classes

All the online Quran classes are conducted with the backing of activities to deduce exceptional learning experiences. Some of the activities to mention here are:


  • Role-playing
  • Group discussions
  • Online games
  • Virtual field trips
  • Storytelling
  • Interesting assignments and projects
3. Quizzes, tests, competitions

Unlike traditional classes, we focus more on quizzes, tests, and competitions to catalyze phenomenal results. Kids and adults of all Quran courses can be a part of this opportunity where you grow with confidence.

We allow a digital Quiz account to our students where they solve riddles and puzzles to revise and strengthen their Tjaweed, hifz, recitation, and Tafseer details.

4. Quran Certificates
  • Course name and content
  • Date and duration of completion
  • Assessment results
  • Signature of the teacher and the supervisor
  • Remarks of the teacher

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